OREANDA-NEWS. Total gas sales volume by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. for the month of September 2015 came to about 1,121.622 million m3, up 27.547 million m3 (+2.5%) from September 2014. In the residential sector, volume totaled 140.295 million m3, up 4.2% from September 2014, due to the increase of number of customers.

In the business sector (consisting of commercial, public, and medical use), volume totaled 207.754 million m3, down 5.4% from September 2014, due to less metering days compared to that in the same period of last year.

In the industrial sector, volume totaled 586.950 million m3, up 4.8% from September 2014, leading to the increased demand for power generation.

Volume for wholesale supply to other gas companies totaled 186.623 million m3, up 3.9% from September 2014, due to the increased demand of the other companies.