OREANDA-NEWS. October 23, 2015. GlobalSign (www.globalsign.com), a leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Everything, has today announced that it will be backing the upcoming UK Security Serious initiative led by Yvonne Eskenzi, owner of Ezkenzi PR, with over 20 years' experience in the industry. GlobalSign will be actively involved in raising awareness of security issues, encouraging best practice, and increasing the adoption of identity solutions, which together can add a layer of security to further protect today's company data from the increasing number of online security threats.

The Security Serious initiative, which will run from the 26 to 30 of October, is supported by a number of leading security businesses and IT professionals within the industry, from organisations of all sizes, looking to share their IT security experience. Beyond helping businesses mitigate threats, a key focus of this event will be on customer education. With 50 organisations already involved, and the power of social media, the event promises to have a far reach and make a real difference to bringing security at the forefront of everyone's minds in the UK.

GlobalSign will contribute its expertise to the week's event by providing practical tips, webinars and handbooks, as well as educating businesses on the requirements to secure their sensitive data with online identity solutions. In the IoT era, where billions of devices, people, and things are connected, identities are a key component of any organisation's security strategy and should be used to strengthen internal and external access control to company resources and networks. GlobalSign's main goal throughout the week will be to provide businesses with practical tips that are easy to implement and manage, and most importantly could prevent costly breaches.

The agenda features two GlobalSign webinars:

·      "3 ways to protect sensitive company data with online identities," by Govind Yadav, Senior Sales Engineer, Monday 26 October at 2pm

·      "Taking your SSL/TLS security to the next level - 3 practical tips," by Paul van Brouwershaven, Technology Solutions Director, Friday 30 October at 10am.

"Security Serious Week is all about raising awareness and improving people's attitude towards security, especially as many of us at some time in our lives will become a victim of cyber-crime," said Yvonne Eskenzi, Owner of Eskenzi PR. "I'm delighted that we've got over 50 supporters on board, all of whom are prepared to impart their pearls of wisdom and give their time up for nothing to create a safer online community."

To keep up to date with the full calendar of events, visit https://securityserious.com/Events.aspx.