OREANDA-NEWS. Indian Bajaj Auto will present in the Russian market the world's cheapest car - Qute. Price of new item will start from 250 thousand rubles. So far, the cheapest new car in the Russian market is Chinese Lifan Smily for 320 thousand rubles.

Sales of Qute in Russia will begin in March-April of 2016, the CEO of East West Motors (EWM, Bajaj distributor in Russia), Alexander Alexeyev, informed "RBK”. In winter, the car will take a series of tests on the Russian roads. In 2016, the distributor plans to sell 200-300 Indian Qute cars.

Qute was launched in September of 2015. It is four-seater car with a single-cylinder petrol engine of the motorcycle power 13.5 hp. With such a power engine the 400-kilogram car can accelerate to 70 km / h. Claimed fuel consumption – is less than 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers. There are planned versions on methane and propane. In India, the model costs 2000 dollars, by making it the cheapest in the world.

According to documents Qute is classified as a quadricycle (this category of vehicles allowed in the Russian movement on public roads). Hardly Qute will be popular in Russia, said the executive director of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Sergei Udalov: for the same money it can be purchased a car with great functionality and comfort in the secondary market. The car can be interesting as a commercial vehicle because of the low operating costs, such as express delivery, said Mr.Alekseev.

In September, EWM began sales in Russia of motorcycles of manufacture Pulsar Bajaj Auto. Now the company has eight dealerships in eight cities. Qute will be sold through the same dealers. In 2016 EWM expects to expand its dealer network to 50 stores. In the future, if sales will continue to grow, the distributor does not exclude the localization of Qute in Russia.