OREANDA-NEWS. Design voltage supply was carried out to illuminate the process units of the TANECO Complex Delayed Coking Installation (DCI).

The electrical power supply arranged at DCI might be called another stage of a series of the activities that preceded the beginning of the installation comprehensive testing. Mounting of all the column internals was completed at the DCI construction site. Opening of the vessels and equipment for the primary technical inspection is being performed. The installation of the control cabinets, cable ducts for instrumentation and automation is underway. Pre-installation testing of the automatic devices and instrumentation and metrology verification of the measuring instruments included in the original equipment set (compressor, waterjet cutting equipment, pumps) were completed.

According to the project the DCI power supply was organized from two interchangeable and substitutable power sources of the voltage levels 110 and 220 kV, which allows supplying the installation with the power of the first   reliability category. The voltage is supplied through overhead lines from the substations "Nizhnekamskaya" and "Schelkov" (Elabuga)   to the bus switchgear assembly. Further on it is delivered to   the high-voltage switches (PVV-4) room and then the main step-down substation (GPP-4), where the power transformers are installed.

110 kV and 220 kV voltage is stepped down to 6 kV  at the power transformers GPP-4 and using a medium-voltage switchgear is transmitted over 6 kV cable lines to the electrical equipment of the DCI.

JSC "Tatelectromontazh" is a contractor of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Department for Construction Projects Implementation with regard to wiring and commissioning works. The company plans to start the engine run-in testing in the near future with the subsequent pump run-in testing after the completion of mechanical assembly works.