OREANDA-NEWS. AvtoVAZ is introducing a new corporate style - the company refuses the blue and white colors of decoration of dealerships in favor of the contrasting gray-orange trim. It was announced during a presentation of a sedan Lada Vesta by the vice president of AvtoVAZ Sales and Marketing, Denis Petrunin.

"In Russia, there are a lot of brands in blue, including Korean and Chinese. Changing of the image allows us to distance and to make more clearly the beginning of a new era in the development of the brand", - said the top manager.

Dealerships will be repainted, facades with logos will be removed, by leaving only the inscription Lada. Within a week AvtoVAZ will release a brand-book with a description of the new corporate identity and send it to the dealers. The introduction of the style will be gradual – on November 25, it will be opened the first redesigned dealer in Izhevsk before the start of sales of Lada Vesta, until the end of the year a new look will be at the biggest sellers in key cities, and a full rebranding of dealer network will be made by AvtoVAZ for three years.

"The rebranding will allow us to create a recognizable brand and effectively come to Europe, North Africa and other important markets. Another purpose – is to distance us from the gray dealers, which confuses the customer and preventing the official work", - said Denis Petrunin.

At the same time the official dealer network of AvtoVAZ is growing. New contracts for sales of Lada brand were concluded by dealer networks "Major" and "AutoGermes", "Autoworld" began to work again with AvtoVAZ, but not in Moscow, it is increased the cooperation with the Krasnodar "Yug-Avto". The former dealers of General Motors will begin to sell Lada - three companies in St. Petersburg and a network TTC in Tatarstan.

"If it was not interesting to sell Lada cars earlier, then now, in a crisis, our renewed range of great demand, and dealers want to work once again with the brand," - said the top manager of AvtoVAZ.