OREANDA-NEWS. Russian car market is now in a very difficult situation. Sales fell by 33% compared to 2014 and by almost half – compared to the most successful 2012. For the last three years, the government supported actively the auto market and the need to continue to do this in the future.

"This level of state support for the auto industry was not in the modern history of the Russian Federation ever. Together with you we will monitor closely the macroeconomic situation: if it goes up - all is good, if down - we will be ready", - said the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Alexander Morozov, on October 22nd at the conference "Rosavtodealer-2015."

According to him, in 2015, thanks to state support it was sold more than 400 thousand cars. About 170 000 – it was sold by the concessional lending program, 262 thousand – by the parc renewal program (recycling / trade-in), and 28 thousand – by the program of preferential car leasing. Alexander Morozov said that this year the volume of state support was more than doubled in compare with the figures, which were planned initially. In 2016, state support will also be adjusted depending on the situation, and while it is impossible to name neither exact money nor the number of cars.

Recall that ROAD in an official letter asked the government to extend all existing programs of state support for 2016 in the amount of not less than 30 billion Rubles. According to President of ROAD, Vladimir Mozhenkov, almost all measures of state support for the market have a positive effect.