OREANDA-NEWS. According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, for a month (from September 20th to October 20th) only eighteen automakers among officially presented in the Russian market forty-six ones have not changed prices (Acura, Brilliance, Cadillac, Chrysler, FAW, Great Wall, Haima, JAC, Jeep , Lifan, Mazda, Opel, Smart, SsangYong, Suzuki, Volvo, LADA, UAZ).

Twelve companies raised the price of one or several models. So, Chinese Chery raised the price of crossover Tiggo 5 by 2,2-6,5%, Uzbek Daewoo changed prices of Matiz hatchback upwards (3,7-5,0%), sedan Gentra by 3,3-4,8 %. Datsun raised prices of sedan on-DO by 2,9-3,8%, hatchback mi-DO by 2,6-3,3%. The serious increase in prices occurred at Jaguar and Land Rover. First mentioned raised the price XJ sedan by 6.9-7.4%, the second - revised value of five of its SUVs. In particular, Range Rover «grown up" by 5,0-9,4%. Fiat and Mini with an eye to the market changed prices for their four models each, Ford - for six. Mercedes-Benz raised the price of a minivan of V-Klasse by 6.0%.

Eight companies have raised prices and made changes in the model range, or configurations of some models. At the same time someone cut the number of complete sets (Citroen has reduced the number of complete sets of C5 sedan up to three, Porsche left 911 Carrera4 only in three configurations), while others, on the contrary, increased, and this is also reflected in the price range. In the family of Audi TT it was appeared the cheaper 1.8-liter engine - the minimum price of the model TT coup fell by 9.7%. Volkswagen added the lineup of Polo sedan with the new configuration Conceptline for 519,900 rubles – and the minimum price of the model fell by 6.3%.

In addition to changes in prices, claimed by automakers, a number of Russian companies that are working in the Russian market, offer special promotions for buying cars. According to AUTOSTAT, 27 companies in October offer special rates for one or more models. Some of them have retained special prices at the level of the previous month, while others raised them or lowered.

This review does not claim completeness and comprehensiveness of the market; however, it makes it possible to evaluate the main trends of pricing policy of the Russian offices.