OREANDA-NEWS. October 27, 2015. "American business shows, not in words but in deeds, that they are investing and are ready to develop the Ukrainian economy, introducing here a new style and type of management," Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has underlined following a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and representatives of leading U.S. companies on Monday, 26 October.

The Prime Minister noted that together with U.S. partners the Government of Ukraine had launched a series of investment forums that began with Washington. The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Vice President and American business "declared clear then that the U.S. Government as well as private American business supported Ukraine."

The following investment conference, he reminded, was held in Berlin on October 23: "According to the German side, it is one of the largest investment conferences, being held in Germany at the bilateral level."

"The next investment forum we are to hold in France," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He noted the importance of the Penny Pritzker’s visit to Kyiv together with representatives of leading US companies: "In fact, it is a continuation of our investment conference in the United States. It is

"Our today’s task was to hold very clear talks on attracting U.S. investment," added the Prime Minister.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that the leadership of Citibank was part of the delegation: "Citibank is an element of real attracting of U.S. investments into the Ukrainian economy, because where there is Citibank, American business comes to invest much faster there."

During the negotiations with Citibank, the Head of Government of Ukraine informed, it was discussed the need for holding a conference on investment in Ukraine, "in order to make G-20 credit guarantee institutions hold a meeting with us as to the increase of investment into the Ukrainian economy."

The meeting was also attended by the management of Cargill and DuPont, talks with which focused primarily on the development of the agricultural sector.

The talks were also attended by representatives of NCH Capital – a venture fund, "which invests in the Ukrainian economy and will continue to invest in it": "For this purpose, we must continue to carry out reforms, which were discussed during our meeting."

In addition, Arseniy Yatsenyuk has informed, the meeting was attended by representatives of Honeywell, which focuses primarily on investments in the energy sector and energy efficiency, "This is what we need now. Beginning with meters and ending with the modernization of the Ukrainian energy - common tasks that we set during our negotiations with the American business."

Another well-known company with which the Ukrainian side has a very successful project, the Prime Minister stressed - Westinghouse. Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that this is a project of diversification of nuclear fuel between Westinghouse and the National joint-stock company Energoatom: "Things are going very well. We hope to continue this project we will have the opportunity to receive additional funding, including from the U.S. EX-IM bank ".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk thanked Penny Pritzker for the fact that "today’s meeting is very pragmatic and very effective": "American business shows, not in words but in deeds, that they are investing, they are ready to develop the Ukrainian economy, introducing here a new style and type of management. And that the bilateral relations between Ukraine and the United States are developing politically, diplomatically and economically."