OREANDA-NEWS. After two months of intense competition, a winner emerged from CCTV’s new inspirational television talent show, "Challenging the Impossible", of which the new Ford Edge was the exclusive title sponsor. During this year’s final contest, Yanzhen Dong, community policewoman, known as “the legendary female detective”, won the title “Challenger of 2015” and was given the opportunity to use an new Ford Edge for her unique stunt: Footprint Recognition.

As the largest inspirational challenge program on CCTV, "Challenging the Impossible" continues to receive record ratings and an excellent reputation. Whether it was the final Footprint Recognition stunt or any of the other challenges on the show, the spirit the challengers exhibited as they tested their intelligence, physical strength and skills have undoubtedly become the talk of the town. These contestants created positive energy as they pushed and redefined themselves.

“Our contestants demonstrated to us that through hard work, determination and courage, even the things that seem impossible are in fact possible,’’ said Marin Burela, president and CEO, Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd, during the awards ceremony. “Mastering your own journey through courage and determination, this is the spirit of our contestants and also the spirit of our brand promise ‘Go Further’. For more than a decade, we at Changan Ford have also constantly challenged and dedicated ourselves to offering world-class vehicles and service to our customers.”

Changan Ford (CAF) is committed to giving the best products and services to Chinese consumers. The new Edge is CAF’s latest masterpiece in medium SUV segment. The cooperation between CAF and CCTV offered a chance to fully showcase the brand spirit of the Ford Edge, “Master Your Journey” and its product strength as a “fully class-leading 7-seat SUV”.

As a “fully class-leading 7-seat SUV”, the new Edge also won numerous plaudits while facing challenges for its class-leading strengths; the new Edge pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be impossible. Skating under the underbody of the vehicle showed the vehicle’s excellent clearance, while the remarkable driving through a narrow gate on one side showed tough body, stable chassis and reliable suspension, all of which were powerful testimonies to the quality of the new Edge.

When faced with challenges in daily life, the new Edge also meets drivers’ demands when it comes to business, leisure, personal and family; the new Edge is the perfect car for those who want to be in control of their work and life. As CAF’s finest latest offering, the “fully class-leading 7-seat SUV” new Edge has become the new segment leader for its excellent performance and praises from consumers.