OREANDA-NEWS. In 2012, the AAST-GE DP Center was established through a joint effort between GE and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in northern Egypt for the training of mariners. Operated by AASTMT, the facility joins an elite group of only 12 centers in the world that are qualified by the Nautical Institute (NI) to offer Sea Time Reduction courses. This means that trainees are credited with 30 days of Sea Time when they complete 5 days of intensive training in the Class A Dynamic Positioning (DP) simulator.  

Selected to continue supplying and operating the simulator as a joint project with the Academy for the next five years, GE has upgraded the facility with GE Marine’s Class A training simulator. It reinforces GE Marine’s commitment towards promoting more efficient and safe maritime operations in the offshore industry.

“Since its inauguration the center has trained up to 800 students to become certified in operating DP systems. Today’s announcement marks an even higher standard of training being offered,” said Dr. Ismail Abd Ghafar, President of the AASTMT. “GE has been a central partner from the initial stages of this training center and they continue to play a role in ensuring the smooth upgrade of our systems. The technology they are providing for the training of mariners will allow us to offer a service that few other centers in the world can.”

In order to run this Class A simulator the center is utilizing hardware and software from GE Marine, including its C-series Dynamic Positioning and a simulator system. DP is an advanced ship position-control system which enables the vessel to maintain a stationary position or a precise course using its propulsion system, thrusters and rudders. Many of today’s advances in deep water exploration may not be possible without it, thus this technology has become essential in offshore operations and DP training is now crucial to any professional offshore mariner.

Applied Research International (ARI) is the preferred simulator supplier for GE’s DP training projects. “Driving innovation through the invention of new technologies and key partnerships are key priorities for GE Marine. We highly value our long-term relationship with ARI, who has helped us to drive innovation to new heights in the marine training space,” said Tim Schweikert, VP, GE Marine.

The center will also be equipped with a new Class A offshore crane simulator, the first of its kind for local operators to obtain offshore crane training in the Arab world.

“With over 900 of our DP systems deployed worldwide, the training center in Egypt will add to our capability in training future mariners for more efficient and safe maritime operations and also help meet the needs of the offshore and petroleum services in the Middle East and beyond,” added Schweikert.