OREANDA-NEWS. October 29, 2015. A lot of organizations believe they have a 360-degree view of the customer. What they fail to realize is that marketing holds 80 degrees, customer service has 80 degrees, and sales owns 80 degrees. Then they wonder why its hard to provide a cohesive customer experience throughout the lifecycle. 

To overcome these barriers, organizations must find ways to unlock their data from functional silos--then use it to drive customer engagement. But it takes more than sharing data; it requires an enterprise-wide view of how, when and why every interaction with the customer occurs. While many have achieved this objective within areas like sales, service and marketing, thats where it has remained. Until now.

Harness a True 360-Degree View

Marketing Cloud Connect seamlessly connects the journey management capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with every customer interaction across sales, service and more. It allows organizations to create a single customer relationship, and empowers them to deliver more data-driven, personalized conversations.

To see how Marketing Cloud Connect makes it easy to engage customers in 1-to-1 communications regardless of where they are in the lifecycle, lets check out a scenario.

Suppose your organizations service team is experiencing a decline in customer satisfaction scores. As a marketer, youre concerned about advocacy. Along with your support colleagues, you agree that the best strategy is to measure the satisfaction of every customer as soon as their case is marked as resolved within Service Cloud.

Unify and Sync Your Collective Knowledge

Marketing Cloud Connect makes it easy to understand your customers complete relationship with your brand. It enables you to consolidate your enterprise data and keep it in sync at all times. This example shows attributes captured by marketing right along side the customers purchase and service historyaligning the data you need to communicate with those who recently closed a service case.

Map Your Engagement Strategy

With your data in place, Marketing Clouds Journey Builder equips you to plan your complete engagement strategy. Here, youve mapped multiple ways to interact with customers who have recently engaged with service. To ensure customers are satisfied, youve included a step to survey customers as soon as their case is closed.

Engage in Real Time

Because your data is continuously synced with Service Cloud, each time a case is closed Journey Builder automatically injects the customer into a survey interaction. Journey Builder detects the activity within Service Cloud, and sends the survey email.  If the customer responds favorably, they receive a thank you email and are entered into further interactions.

Leverage All of Your Data for Personalization

Because youve synced data between Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, you have everything you need to communicate on a 1-to-1 basis at scale.

Dynamic Personalization:

  • Greets the recipient by name

  • Reminds customer of their reason for the communication

  • Includes the name and photo of the support agent

  • Demonstrates your dedication to their satisfaction by inviting them to take a survey

  • Invites them to connect with a Community of similar customers

  • Includes product recommendations based on the customers history and interests

 Trigger Actions in Other Clouds

Since youre having customer satisfaction problems in service, some customers responses to the survey will be unfavorable. Marketing Cloud will detect the negative response, and automatically re-open the case in Service Cloud. This provides agents the opportunity to resolve the customers issue.  

Blur the Lines

Are you ready to tear down the walls between marketing, sales and service? Check out this video to discover how you can bring your data together and start delivering the 1-to-1 experience your customers want with Marketing Cloud Connect.