OREANDA-NEWS. October 30, 2015. Phorm (AIM:PHRM), a leading advertising-technology company and first party data platform provider, is pleased to announce that, further to its interim results released on 30 September 2015, it has formally entered into a channel sales partnership with INSOMNIS Media Limited ("INSOMNIS").

INSOMNIS, a digital media business specialising in the delivery of behavioral targeting and performance campaign solutions for its clients, will seek to leverage Phorm's proprietary technology and machine learning algorithms to identify users through a first party approach leading to more effective targeting, personalised messaging and efficient overall campaign delivery.  

Phorm's first party data platform technology sits above digital properties, off network supply sources and real-time bidding platforms, where it synthesises user data, develops profiles and addresses users personalised with content or advertising messages at the point where the user is engaging client's websites.  Brands, publishers and programmatic sources can clearly benefit when known users are able to engage with personalised content and it is therefore more effective and efficient for both the inventory and demand sides of our clients' businesses. The Company's technology provides unparalleled insight and a holistic view into digital advertising dynamics such that agencies and advertisers can achieve optimal inventory control and return on their investment.

CEO of INSOMNIS, Mr Mike Moran, commented:

"Brand managers have become particularly focused on whether they are messaging to their desired user base, which is often difficult to prove in the context of online advertising.  Issues like privacy and viewability are becoming increasingly important to advertisers when they choose their partner for their display targeting and retargeting activity.

"We have every confidence in Phorm's tech platform and our partnership with Phorm will enable us to present our campaign metrics to clients, knowing that we have utilised first party data to deliver the brand's specific user base most efficiently. This is precisely the area where the online advertising industry needed to evolve."        

Phorm's CEO, Timothy Smith, added:

"Mike Moran, Paul Grundy and their colleagues at INSOMNIS possess a wealth of ad industry expertise and relationships. Together, we've already helped a brand and publishing client in the U.K. achieve a successful campaign, which has provided validation that our initial partnership is already yielding results.  We now look forward to extending this initial track record of success to the U.S. market."