On a like-for-like basis, Consulting Services (4% of Group revenues) continue to accelerate, with an increase in revenues of 6.7% in Q3 vs. 4.4% in H1. Local Professional Services (Sogeti) (14% of Group revenues) is also slightly improving with growth of 1.4% (against 0.5% in H1). Application Services (60% of sales) which already had strong momentum in H1 with 5.1% growth, continues to support the Group's growth. Revenue growth for the quarter, primarily driven by the acceleration of clients’ investment in digital and cloud projects, reached 8.2%. Other Managed Services (22% of Group revenues) see their activity decrease by 13.7% due to the anticipated decline in revenue of a major contract in the United Kingdom and an unfavorable economic environment in Brazil.


On a like-for-like basis, North America - now by far the Group's largest region with 31% of revenues - grew by 5.2%, with a positive momentum in Financial Services as well as in CPRDT (Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution and Transportation), and a slowdown in energy and utilities. The UK and Ireland region continues to experience a reduction in revenues (-11.0%) due to the evolution of a major contract mentioned above. France is more dynamic than in H1 with a growth of 2.0% driven by a pick-up in projects business. Benelux, meanwhile, remained virtually stable (+ 0.6%). In the Rest of Europe, growth was 10.4%, accelerating compared to H1, with strength notably in Nordic countries and Germany. In Asia-Pacific and Latin America, growth was limited to 3.7% in Q3 due to the economic environment in Brazil, Asia Pacific, however, maintains a double digit growth.


As of September 30, 2015 Group employees totaled 178,045 people. Offshore leverage, with over 96,000 employees in the Global Production Center network, stands at 54% of the total workforce.


New orders recorded in Q3 2015 amounted to €2,499 million. This represents a 20% increase at constant exchange rates compared to the level recorded in the same period of 2014.


Thanks to the strong performance in Q3, the Group confirms its financial objectives for 2015. The group forecasts 2015 revenue growth of 12%, at current Group structure and exchange rates, and an operating margin rate of 10.3%. Organic free cash flow is expected to exceed €600 million.