OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian government may allocate for the Ministry of Industry and Trade additional 1 billion rubles for subsidies of interest rates on invest loans of Russian automakers in 2015. The corresponding draft resolution was published on the website of the disclosure of information about the preparation of regulations, wrote the agency "Prime".

Rules for subsidies granting are implemented in conformity with the provisions of Article 78 of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation. In particular, it will be provided under the contract for grants that concluded between the organization and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Part of the documents that were previously sent by the companies on a quarterly basis in order to obtain subsidies is offered to submit together with an application of contract concluding for grants. Thus, the set of documents for a grant, which is sending by companies on a quarterly basis, will be simplified greatly.

The draft of resolution corresponds to the provisions of agreement about the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as other provisions of international contracts of the Russian Federation, according to the explanatory note to the document.