OREANDA-NEWS. Tambov dealer of Opel and Chevrolet Ltd. "TAK - Finance" demands from GM almost 683.1 million rubles. The statement was filed to the Arbitration Court of the Tambov region on October 21st. The essence of the claims in the trial transcript is not revealed. The trial court, however, returned the plaintiffs in connection with immunity waived, as the "TAK - Finance" is registered in Moscow. RBK failed to contact with the management of dealer.

On March 18th GM announced massive cuts of business in Russia. Until the end of year, the automaker plans to stop the sales of Opel and Chevrolet, facilities in Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg were conserved. Dealers of brands will receive the compensation for the investments made in development of the dealer network. However, not all partners of GM agreed with amount of compensation.

Until now, GM had received four lawsuits from sellers of Opel and Chevrolet for a sum of more than 1 billion rubles. At the request of the owner of one of them, the court arrested 380 million rubles in the accounts of Russian "daughters" of the automaker. Claims to the automaker were made also by Russian suppliers of automotive components: the first such lawsuit was filed by subsidiary of GC "Autocomponent" for 115 million rubles. Taking into account of the requirements of the "TAK - Finance", the total amount of claims against GM in Russia exceeded 2 billion rubles.