OREANDA-NEWS. National Rating Agency has withdrawn its credit rating on Krasnobrodsky Yuzhny LLC (OOO 'Krasnobrodsky Yuzhny') due to the contract expiry. The company has been assigned an 'A' national scale and an 'iB+' global scale exit ratings. The 'A+' national scale and 'iBB' global scale credit ratings were originally assigned on September 30, 2014.

Krasnobrodsky Yuzhny LLC carries out exploration and open-pit coal mining in the Krasnobrodsky Yuzhny 1 area of Krasnobrodsky coalfield in the Kemerovo Oblast. Most of the extracted coal is exported, namely in India, China, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, and Japan. The company has its own sales system and sells products directly to customers. The only participant of Krasnobrodsky Yuzhny LLC is Marendo Investments Limited (Cyprus).