OREANDA-NEWS. November 03, 2015. It began with modest expectations – introduce Ford vehicles to potential first-time vehicle owners serving in the U.S. military, offer a rebate and sell 20 vehicles over a two-month period.

Instead, 31 customers took advantage of the offer in the program’s first six weeks, prompting Ford Emerging Market Services and the Overseas Military Sales Corporation to extend the offer beyond the initial July 5 end date, and to continue extending it as the program’s popularity continued. The first-time-buyer program is now slated to run through the end of the year.

“We offer incentives periodically as part of Ford Motor Company’s commitment to U.S. military personnel stationed around the world,” says Kirk Born, Fleet account manager, EMS. “With this program, we wanted to reach out to service members who had never financed a vehicle before and who thought they could only afford a used car and introduce them to Ford products.”

Under the program, select models of the Ford Fiesta and Focus are eligible for the \\$250 rebate. As of Oct. 28, 84 customers had signed on to take advantage of the special offer.

“We are gratified that so many of our servicemen and women have chosen a Ford product as their first vehicle purchase,” says Born. “We’re confident they will be pleased with their car, and we trust it’s the beginning of a long relationship.

The Overseas Military Sales Corporation is the only on-base, factory-authorized Ford Motor Company distributor to military personnel.

Ford has worked with OMSC since 1995 to offer Ford and Lincoln vehicles for sale in more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and on select Navy ships. Service personnel can order vehicles for use where they are stationed or place an order overseas and pick it up at a dealership when they return home.