OREANDA-NEWS. November 06, 2015. CA Technologies today announced that it has entered into a Managed Service Provider (MSP) partnership with Hostway Korea, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid hosting services. Under the agreement, Hostway Korea will utilize CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM), a powerful and comprehensive IT monitoring solution, to deliver its ‘Next-generation Managed Service 3.0’ offering to its customers.

CA UIM’s single, unified architecture and its broad monitoring coverage of heterogeneous environments provide Hostway Korea and its customers with deeper insights into their IT infrastructure availability and performance across the entire IT environment.

Hostway Korea offers its customers in-depth monitoring services that support private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Windows Azure platform, as a value-added service (VAS) via CA UIM. The company’s customers are able to identify and address potential threats to critical applications and services through automated alerts, thereby reducing costs and boosting their IT and business performance. 

“Through interviews with our customers, we realized that there is a huge demand for sophisticated infrastructure monitoring solutions to improve visibility into their dynamic cloud and hybrid environments,” said Lee Hai Min, president, Hostway Korea. “After numerous tests and detailed evaluation of over six months, we selected CA UIM over other domestic offerings as it is a proven, scalable and multi-tenant solution which can be nimbly combined with our on-demand cloud services. With CA UIM, we can deliver a superior service that helps our customers proactively monitor and manage performance across the most complex environments.”

“Ensuring high levels of IT performance and availability are critical mandates given the reliance on IT in the application economy,” said Michael Choe, managing director & vice president, Korea, CA Technologies. “CA UIM helps managed service providers like Hostway Korea improve their visibility and control of their infrastructure resources with better efficiency and empowers them to have a greater positive impact on their customers’ business performance.” 

Hostway Korea pursues a strategy to develop managed service solutions which enable more detailed monitoring and real-time checks on the status of users’ infrastructure, while offering services to large conglomerates as well as start-ups and SMEs. CA UIM supports Hostway Korea's strategy by providing end-to-end visibility of its customers’ environments across multiple platforms and helps the company significantly improve service quality, while reducing the cost of service delivery for its customers.

In the past, Hostway Korea’s monitoring services fall only directly under the management of IT managers. The company’s ‘Next-generation Managed Service 3.0’ utilizing CA UIM allows business managers and C-level executives across various functions to obtain deep insights into the operations.