OREANDA-NEWS. November 10, 2015. AvtoVAZ has published the first images of a unique sedan Lada Vesta with an elongated body. As it was mentioned earlier by AvtoVAZ President, Bo Andersson, the developed by engineers of the company car Lada Vesta VIP has an elongated body by 25 cm.

According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", the first information that AvtoVAZ is preparing a long-wheelbase version of the Lada Vesta appeared in January of 2015. In particular, it was reported about plans to produce the elongated Lada Vesta C at Izhevsk car plant. But then this information was not confirmed officially.

Other, the third name of this model, was written in a portal "Lada Vesta Club” - Lada Vesta Signature. According to this source, "the model is conceived as a special version with the ultimatum comfort for the rear passengers." We are talking about additional 200 mm of free space for the legs. "The decoration of the salon is made with premium materials. For example, the ceiling is made of microfiber products "Alcantara", decoration of interior, doors, edging of the steering wheel and gear selector, front and rear-seat sofa – is made of quality leather in original colors. Currently Lada Vesta Signature is aggregated with AvtoVAZ power unit of 1.6 liters and 106 hp with an automated transmission AMT. But in perspective, the commercial variant is considered with more powerful engines. The existing chassis prototype has a standard climate system for the maximum configuration of Lada Vesta. In the future it is planned the modernization up to a full two-zone separate climate control".