OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre in the framework of the Innovative Development Program put into pilot operation a 10 kV 630 kVA transformer with a core of amorphous steel. The pilot project is implemented in the Tambov branch of the company, the installation site of the new equipment was indoor transformer substation №48 in the settlement of Stoitel of Tambovsky Distribution Zone.

The new transformer has a small value of the magnetizing current of the core and, consequently, has lower load losses. In manufacturing the transformer it allows to reduce the cost of the cooling system, during operation - to increase its period and save the cost of transmission of electric energy. According to experts, the payback period of the difference in the cost of the transformer with a magnetic core of the traditionally used magnetic steel and transformers with amorphous core is three to five years, then the transformer starts to make a profit for an operating company.

"Trial operation in conditions of a periodic monitoring of the transformer will allow to test the stability of the respective characteristics, define the scope of use, and compliance of the new equipment with the requirements of grid companies," stresses Deputy Chief Engineer for Development and Innovation Dmitry Rybnikov.