OREANDA-NEWS. Merck, a leading science and technology company, has introduced Spectroquant(r) Prove, a new class of spectrophotometers for simplified, durable and secure analysis of waste water, drinking water, beverages and process water. Spectroquant(r) Prove is available in three models to meet a broad range of requirements and offers the largest choice of water test kits and methods including complete documentation.

Merck, which last month decided to drop business names such as Merck Millipore to strengthen its global brand, has been counting on innovative products to improve the value for customers and help scientists raise efficiency and effectiveness in laboratories.

"Our new Spectroquant(r) Prove systems unite the three most important requirements across all water applications: simplicity, security and durability," said Udit Batra, President and CEO of Merck's life science business. "With three available models, users have the flexibility to select a water analysis tool that is perfect for their individual needs and applications."

Spectroquant(r)Prove 100 performs Vis measurements and offers high quality and exceptional value for routine applications with Spectroquant(r) cell test kits.

Spectroquant(r)Prove 300 allows UV/Vis analyses. Its long-lasting xenon lamp makes it ideal for more intensive use. Preprogrammed free applications, like bromate and brewery tests, make it the perfect choice for drinking water and beverage testing.

Spectroquant(r)Prove 600 offers all the benefits of the Prove 300 system, delivers excellent resolution and sensitivity and is designed for complex analyses with high-end UV/Vis optics. The system offers a 1.8nm bandwidth and cuvettes up to 100mm. Together with the most sensitive silicate and chloride test kits, the lowest measuring ranges in process water are reached.

Spectroquant(r) Prove's simple design requires only a minimal amount of space and its surfaces are durable against many chemicals used in the lab. Spectroquant(r) Prove also allows for easy data transfers with maximum flexibility and minimal effort.

The Spectroquant(r) Prove family of instruments and test kits increases the efficiency and reliability of water analysis through a variety of key features, including:
· Live ID, a new, data-rich identification system on all cell and reagent tests for transferring "live" data like expiry and lot number together with automatic, complementary calibration updates
· Cell Test Port offers direct insertion of round cell tests without opening any lids
· AutoSelector for Reagent Tests automatically detects the analysis method and provides all Live ID data
· Automatic cell size recognition for rectangular cells calculates results accordingly
· Smart Screen for simple, seamless menu navigation
· AQA prime for exceptionally secure and easy analytical quality assurance
· Long-life lamp, new reference beam technology minimizes the effort and costs of replacing lamps
· Removable cell compartment, the cell holder can be removed and cleaned if something is spilled