OREANDA-NEWS. November 11, 2015. Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman: Y.H. Park) hosted the 6th Doosan Yonkang Art Awards at the Doosan Art Center in downtown Seoul.

The Doosan Yonkang Art Awards are divided into two categories: performing arts and fine arts. At this year’s event, the performing arts award went to Ja-ram Lee, 36, art director of Pansori Project ZA, while the fine arts award was won by Jung Suck Kang, 31, Min Oh, 40, and Mok Yon Yoo, 37.

The four winners will receive prize money and support worth 400 million won (about \\$352,000.) The winner in the performing arts category will receive 30 million won in prize money along with 70 million won in support for the production of a new performance. Each of the winners in the fine arts category will receive 10 million won in prize money along with a studio residency at the Doosan Residency in New York, and an exhibition at the Doosan Gallery Seoul and New York, which are worth 90 million won in total.

The Doosan Yonkang Art Awards were established in 2010, the centenary of the birth of Doosan Group’s late Chairman Doo Byung Park, a leader who always emphasized the importance of nurturing talents. Every year, the Yonkang Foundation selects artists under 40 years old in the performing arts and fine arts who have the potential to become world-class Korean artists.

“Doosan’s management philosophy of ‘Our People, Our Tomorrow’ also applies to culture and the arts,” said Chairman Y.H. Park. “I hope that young artists with potential have a chance to experience a bigger world and hone their skills to serve as a strong foundation of arts, and the root of the cultural industry, in the future.”