OREANDA-NEWS. Starting November 2, 2015, UIA offers companies to join its new Loyalty Program for corporate clients Panorama Club CORPORATE, and reduce the business travel costs significantly.
Each time a member Company books tickets for its employees, customers or partners on UIA flights, it will get a double benefit: bonus miles on the company‘s corporate account and bonus miles on the individual accounts of its employees, customers or partners.
Joining the Corporate Program is easy: each company has to complete an Application form on the UIA website www.flyuia.com and get an enrollment confirmation with a corporate account number, terms of its usage and password to enter Corporate Account on the UIA website.
In order to get bonus miles the company must provide a travel agent with its corporate card number or enter this number in the booking form on the UIA website each time when booking tickets for the company’s employees, partners or clients.
Bonus miles can be subsequently used by the company to minimize business travel expenses. According to the Panorama Club CORPORATE Terms and Conditions bonus miles can be redeemed for award tickets on UIA and partner-airlines flights, class upgrades, discounts and changes of travel date or route on UIA flights.