OREANDA-NEWS. November 24, 2015. Irina Sukhova, Vice President on Corporate Development at FBK, participated in the 8th Annual Forum People Investor 2015. The Forum announced award winners in socially significant categories as Human Resources Management, Local Communities Development, Environmental Efficiency and Human Resources Healthcare.

Irina Sukhova sat on a panel at Section "Customer and Business Partner Relationship Management".

She noted that "among the 2015 winners there are companies which not only lead the pack in their sectors but above that pay particular attention to their development, communications with partners, ways to effectively market their goods and services. I strongly believe that today’s  companies thrive if their customer relations thrive, as much as marketing strategies".

As explained by Irina Sukhova, best practices in the area of corporate social responsibility have been successfully promoted among Russian companies for a number of years, which now encourages them to build on reliable partner relations, social reputation, professional skills and employee genuine engagement, gained expertise. This enhances competition and paves the way for sustainable development amid volatile economic environment.

People Investor Project has been implemented under the aegis of the Association of Russian Managers since 2008. The Project aims to promote and spread best and innovative practices among socially responsible businesses to enhance transparency and boost competition among Russian companies.