OREANDA-NEWS. BME and Ibercaja have signed a collaboration agreement to promote financial culture and training, the goal of which is the development of joint activities in relation to the spread of financial culture among Ibercaja’s employees and clients and society in general.

The agreement, which was signed today at an official event attended by Javier Hernani, General Manager of BME, and Victor Iglesias, CEO of Ibercaja, will run for two years.

This is the first broad agreement signed by Instituto BME with a financial institution in the area of financial education and can be extended to other institutions throughout the Spanish geography. Besides, it reaffirms the commitment of both signatories to sharing their financial knowledge through training sessions.

This agreement will provide a framework for various specific activities, programmes and projects in the financial and the stock market sectors that Ibercaja may undertake to train its clients and employees under the academic lead of Instituto BME.

The first activity resulting from this agreement is the Family Wealth Management Course, which is being held from November 4 at the headquarters of Ibercaja. Instituto BME has already held six editions of this popular course, which will feature a guided tour for the students of Ibercaja’s Treasury Desk.