OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Urals, OAO reports on Board resolutions.

The Board of Directors has conducted an in-absentia meeting. In the course of the meeting directors have scrutinized and decided on the range of issues.

The Board has removed 2 members of the Strategy and Development Committee and elected new ones. Therefore, at present the Committee membership is comprised of:
Vladimir Vladimirovich Sofyin - Director of Technological Development and Innovations Department at Rosseti (PAO), Committee Chair
Tatyana Aleksandrovna Ivanova - Head of Tariff Methodology Directorate at Rosseti (PAO)
Marina Aleksandrovna Lavrova - Head of SAC Economics Directorate at Rosseti (PAO)
Berik Anatolyevich Bekneev - Leading expert of Consolidated Planning and Reporting Directorate of Investment Department at Rosseti (PAO)
Elena Viktorovna Bogach - Head of Strategic Planning Directorate at Rosseti (PAO)
Yuri Veniaminovich Adler - Head of Standards and Methodology Section at Rosseti (PAO)
Aleksandr Anatolyevich Timofeev - Head of Structured Finance Section Of Capital Markets and Structured Finance Directorate of Capital Markets Department at Rosseti (PAO)
Valentina Mikhailovna Scherbakova - Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance at IDGC of Urals (OAO).
Konstantin Vladimirovih Zavizenov - Deputy Director of Energy Sector Evolution Department at Russian Ministry of Energy
Evgeny Rudolfovich Villevald - Project Director at ZAO GK Renova
Natalya Aleksandrovna Ozhe - Project Director at ZAO GK Renova
Tatyana Valentinovna Zobkova - Deputy Head of Section of Corporate Governance, Prices and Audit Department in FEC industries

Besides, during the meeting the Board has approved the Regulations on Insurance Coverage of the Company, reviewed the report on the execution of the Board instructions as well as decided on other agenda issues.