OREANDA-NEWS. November 30, 2015. The Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) of Indian Railways held its IRAS day on November 28, 2015 at Maneckshaw Center, New Delhi. Way back in November 1920, the British Parliament constituted the Acworth committee to study the finances of railways in India. As a recommendation of this committee a separate accounts service, the Indian Railways Accounts Service was constituted. Hence, IRAS day is celebrated every year in November.

To mark this day, a conference of financial advisors of all Zonal Railways was held.  The agenda for discussion included efficiency measures that could be taken to optimise expenses and steps taken to enhance revenues.  The impact of the recommendations of the7th Central Pay Commission was also deliberated upon. 

The Financial Commissioner, Railways, Shri Sanjoy Mookerjee, addressed the gathering of present and retired IRAS officers.He shared his thoughts on cost consciousness across all domains, innovative measures for financing and expediting infrastructure works to enhance throughput.  He exhorted all IRAS officers across the country to put in their utmost efforts towards ensuring the success of the innovative initiatives being taken to make Indian Railways a vibrant organisation. He also emphasised on the development of the manpower of Indian Railways.

With a view to encouraging knowledge sharing, three IRAS officers presently working outside Indian Railways, were invited to make presentations in their areas of specialisation.  These included ShriNarendrafromMinistry of Defence,ShriSanjeevaShiveshCEO, Entrepreneurship School and Shri Bharat Salhotra, MD, Alstom Transportation Services, India. 

The chief guest on the occasion was retired Financial Commissioner (Railways), Shri V. Sivakumaran.