OREANDA-NEWS. The company "Mercedes-Benz Rus" from January 1st, 2016 launches on the capacities of the Yaroslavl plant "Autodiesel" the mass production of engines Euro 5, with which will be equipped all the cars Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic since the next year.

As a result of completion of engine systems for higher environmental standards Euro 5 it is offered for the Russian buyers of Sprinter Classic two versions of power for a choice - 109 and 136 HP. At the same time the modernization of the power unit permitted to increase its productivity, to reduce fuel consumption by 9% and the level of CO2 emissions by 73%. The cost of the engine capacity of 109 hp will remain unchanged, and the 136-hp engine will cost 50 thousand rubles more expensive. Currently, prices for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic start at 1.429 million rubles.

As the vice president of vans "Mercedes-Benz RUS" Soren Heze said, now Sprinter Classic car is on a level with all the ecological small-scale line. "Along with the reduced emission levels of exhaust gases, we offer two types of power. Since the launch we collected customer feedback, and it became clear that some business requirements need a more powerful 136-hp engine,"- he says.