OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched a customer support service in Telegram. The company was the first Russian operator to have provided support in a messenger.

Tele2 subscribers get consultancy support in the Telegram application. The service is provided by contact centre employees who passed a special training program. All employees are granted with enlarged powers, which allow them to solve the most difficult issues within the shortest possible time. The contact centre employees maintain informal and friendly attitude when communicating with subscribers in this new service.

To get support by Tele2 specialists in the Telegram messenger, it is enough to type in Tele2_support in the application’s contact search line and send a message into the chat with operator. An average waiting time to get the query solved totals less than a minute. Telegram users may get detailed information on Tele2 tariffs and services and immediately have an issue solved by the contact centre employees in case it emerges.

Nina Gubbenet, director for customer experience management at Tele2:

"One of Tele2’s key priorities is to maintain a perfect quality of service. Mainly due to excellent customer support the operator is showing the highest NPS rate that proves subscribers’ readiness to recommend the customer’s services to friends and closed ones. As of 3Q15, it totaled 38%, which outperforms the nearest competitor’s result by 10 pps. When launching a new channel of the client support, we were guided by a principle – to be in a place where subscriber finds it comfortable to be. Telegram is one of the most rapidly developing messengers in Russia. Besides, the application has a number of options for information transfer: the service allows its users to exchange any files without quality degradation, send screenshots of the phone settings, which is very convenient for solving subscriber queries."