OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2016. Prime Minister Pavel Filip initiated a string of dialogues with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry of Moldova and from abroad, operating on the Moldovan drug market, as well as with other state institutions in charge of the sector.

The consultations aim at identifying a common solution to facilitate the Moldovans’ access to drugs and decent health services. Filip noted that the government had a clear will to make proper order in this field, so that the subjective factor should not affect either the citizen, or the entrepreneur in the sector.

“For citizens, the quality of life is priority in each family. I ruled to hold these talks with all responsible institutions that can be the government’s partners in our steps to make people's life better and healthier. The health of a community is the first condition for it to become prosperous. Therefore, a very concrete dialogue with the representatives on the drug market and state institutions in the health sector seems to me essential”, he said.

The prime minister expressed wish to make all competent institutions sit down at the table of negotiations, to find out ideas and efficient solutions for the Moldovans as regards the citizen’s health quality.

Also, the government intends to propose a string of measures meant to determine a better access of citizens to drugs and a predictable and sound market for all private entrepreneurs in the field.