OREANDA-NEWS. AS “LATVIJAS TILTI” notifies that the Court of Appeal of Lithuania, on the 4th of February 2016, has declared the judgement of cancellation of the temporary preventive means, i.e. the prohibition to conclude the procurement agreement, in regard of the case submitted by the “BMGS” joint stock company against the Directorate of Klaip?da State Seaport in regard of contesting the results of its organised procurement “Construction works of the object "Reconstruction of berths No. 67 and No. 68 (construction stages II and III) in Klaip?da"” (hereinafter – the Procurement).

Taking in consideration the abovementioned, the Directorate of Klaip?da State Seaport is entitled to conclude the Procurement agreement.

The offer of AS “LATVIJAS TILTI” was acknowledged as winning in the Procurement. The offer price of the Procurement of AS “LATVIJAS TILTI” – 13.267 million euros including value added tax.