OREANDA-NEWS. Solid results[1] showing clear progress in 2015: published net income attributable to equity holders of the parent up 11.6% to €3.2bn

Core business lines[2] perform well despite the uncertain economic environment

 Deposits & savings up 3.9% year-on-year to reach €628bn as at Dec. 31, 2015

  • (+€28bn in on-balance sheet deposits & savings, excluding centralized savings products, equal to growth of +8.4%)
  • Loan outstandings up 4.2% year-on-year, to €397bn (+€16bn) as at Dec. 31, 2015


  • Strong sales momentum in life insurance with gross new inflows up 10% compared with 2014 and an increase in the proportion of unit-linked contracts (17.8% vs 15.1% in 2014)
  • Buoyant growth in portfolios of non-life insurance contracts: +11% vs. end-2014

Core business lines of Natixis

  • Investment Solutions: record-breaking year for asset management with net inflows of €33bn in 2015, after €28bn in 2014
  • Wholesale Banking: growth in the principal franchises driven by international activities and by the originate-to-distribute model; launch of exclusive negotiations with a view to acquiring a majority equity interest in Peter J.Solomon (an investment banking advisory firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions in the US)
  • Specialized Financial Services: product/service offering rolled out in the retail banking networks with new production in personal loans up 17% and the amount of home loans granted to individual customers covered by guarantees up 72%
  • The group achieved a robust financial performance[4] in 2015

    Revenus up 4.5%, rising to €23.8bn; increased revenues posted by all core business lines
  • Cost/income ratio down 0.7pt to 67.7%
  • Cost of risk stable at a moderate level at 29bps in 2015 
  • Sharp growth in income before tax: +9.7% year-on-year, rising to €6.3bn
  • An extremely robust balance sheet, demonstrating the group’s adaptability

    Common Equity Tier-1[5] ratio (CET1): 13.2% as at Dec. 31, 2015 (+120bps vs. Dec. 31, 2014)
  • Total capital ratio[5] equal to 17.0% (+140bps vs. Dec. 31, 2014)


[1] Q4 and full-year 2014 figures are presented pro forma (cf. the note on methodology at the end of this press release); unless specified to the contrary, all changes are  vs. Dec. 31, 2014
[2] Core business lines: Commercial Banking & Insurance, Investment Solutions, Wholesale Banking, and Specialized Financial Services
[3] Entities included in the scope: CNP Assurances, Natixis Assurances, Prépar Vie (gross new inflows and funds of the BP and CE networks)
[4] Excluding non-economic and exceptional items
[5] Estimate at Dec. 31, 2015 – CRR/CRD 4 without transitional measures after restating to account for deferred tax assets on tax loss carryforwards