OREANDA-NEWS. February 12, 2016. At the prize-giving ceremony for the ESSEC Responsible Retailing Awards, Carrefour was presented with three prizes by Martine Pinville, France's Secretary of State for Trade:

- the 2016 Major CSR Prize in recognition of its overall policy,

- a prize in the sustainable business management category in recognition of its “Anti-Food Wastage plan"

- a prize in the People’s employment and development category in recognition of its “Evolupro Training programme".

These prizes, all considered benchmarks in mass retail, are a tribute to Carrefour's commitment to CSR.

Carrefour wins the 2016 Major ESSEC Prize for Responsible Retailing

A panel of 10 well-known personalities, all experts in issues to do with mass retail and CSR – including representatives of the ADEME and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation – rewarded Carrefour for the concrete responsible retail initiatives it has implemented. The Major ESSEC Prize for Responsible Retailing – unique through the high levels of involvement of students enrolled on the ESSEC Chair of Consumer Products – sets out to reward retail and e-commerce companies for their CSR initiatives in France.
The 3rd edition of the ESSEC Responsible Retailing Awards saw Carrefour pick up a prize for its overall CSR policy: as a partner of the COP21, Carrefour demonstrates its commitment to a responsible and sustainable form of commerce through the initiatives that it implements on a day-to-day basis – it has set itself the target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% between 2010 and 2025. Carrefour has incorporated these CSR aims into its business in the form of a specific policy structured around three key areas: tackling all forms of waste, protecting biodiversity and providing the company's employees and partners with support.

Prize in the Sustainable business management category: Carrefour's policy to tackle food wastage rewarded

Having been tackling food wastage since 2012, Carrefour was awarded a prize in the Sustainable business management category for its "Anti-Food Wastage Plan".

As France's leading private donor to Food Banks, Carrefour has implemented a number of concrete initiatives: it distributed the equivalent of 92 million meals to more than 1000 local food aid charities in 2015, it has introduced anti-food wastage advisers in its stores and extended the shelf lives of its own-brand products.

Carrefour's “Evolupro” training programme wins the "Peoples employment and development" award

As part of its policy to promote diversity and equal opportunities, in 2008 Carrefour launched its “Evolupro” training programme.

It is aimed at all employees who have difficulties expressing themselves in French – as a result of either slight or major gaps in their knowledge. It offers help with reading, writing, basic calculations, public speaking, using IT and getting on the Internet. The programme can be accessed on a volunteer basis and involves sessions one a day week over a 9-month period. It is followed during working hours and is funded by the company (a total of 182 hours of training). Line managers play a major role in tracking the employees' progress and to date, nearly 1000 employees have benefited from the "Evolupro” programme and 180 stores have been involved in it.