OREANDA-NEWS. February 12, 2016. Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME) (the Company) today announced the grant on February 8, 2016 (the Grant Date) of a stock option to Ms.

Jennifer Wong to purchase 85,836 shares of the Companys common stock with an exercise price equal to \\$14.38 per share (the closing price per share of the Company's common stock as reported on the NYSE on the Grant Date) under a newly adopted Time Inc. Inducement Award Plan. The Time Inc. Inducement Award Plan was approved by the Companys Board of Directors. The grant (the Inducement Award) was offered as an inducement to Ms. Wong in connection with her employment with the Company as its Executive Vice President, President of Digital. The Inducement Award was granted pursuant to the Time Inc. Inducement Award Plan and was approved by the Companys Compensation Committee of the Board Directors in reliance on the employment inducement exception to shareholder approval provided under New York Stock Exchange Listing Rule 303A.08 which requires public announcement of inducement awards.

The Inducement Award will vest in four equal installments beginning on the first anniversary of the Grant Date and will expire on the tenth anniversary of the Grant Date. Vesting accelerates if employment terminates upon death or disability, or if there is a change in control (as defined in the Inducement Award Plan) and within 12 months, employment is terminated by the Company or because of a resignation for good reason. However, in the case of a change in control, if the accelerated amount would be subject to an excise tax under Section 280G of the Internal Revenue Code, the accelerated amount will be reduced to the extent this would result in a larger net after tax value. The described terms, and other terms and conditions are generally consistent with those in the Companys 2014 Omnibus Incentive Compensation Plan. The Company intends to file a Form S-8 relating to the Time Inc. Inducement Award Plan.


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