OREANDA-NEWS. In the beginning of the cabinet’s meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip touched upon some immediate priorities of the government. He emphasized the importance of carrying out the draft law of the state budget, noting that experts were working intensely on it, however, it would be submitted to the parliament only after the talks with the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which shall visit Moldova on 21 February.

Filip asked all the structures involved in the elaboration of Moldova’s main financial document to discuss its provisions with the civil society divided in interest sectors, so that solutions for each problem be clear and agreed on. Filip has also touched upon the meetings he held with representatives of the banking sector and state authorities in charge of this sector.

He noted that in its current state, the committee for financial stability was inefficient, as it must have a more clear and determinant role, besides its consultative one. It should also be a body entitled to taking concrete decisions.

To this effect, Filip required the government’s secretary general, Justice Ministry, Finance Ministry, National Bank of Moldova and National Commission for Financial Market to carry out a detailed analysis and come up with solutions to form an institutional platform able to manage the most important subjects related to Moldova’s financial stability.

In another context, Filip highlighted that the implementation of Moldova-EU Association Agreement was an indisputable priority. During the last meeting of the intergovernmental meeting for EU integration, the sides analyzed the arrears in this field, agreeing to take governmental and parliamentary enhanced efforts in order to speed up the adoption of documents needed to fulfill commitments.

To this effect, the Moldovan government and parliament will hold a joint meeting on 12 February. The officials will discuss the enforcement of the legislative programme during the parliament’s spring-summer session, in order to implement the EU Association Agreement. They will also touch upon setting up legislative priorities for this session. “In order to ensure the efficiency of the meeting, I require that each minister and his team work out a thorough analysis of the implementation degree of the above-mentioned programme, examining both the draft laws on the agenda of the parliament, as well as elaboration and promotion degree of the remaining one,” the prime minister noted.