OREANDA-NEWS. Seven  &  i  Holdings  Co.,  Ltd.  (Head  Office:  Chiyodaku  Tokyo;  President  & Representative  Director:  Noritoshi Murata; “Seven & i Holdings”) announced today that it has been selected as a constituent stock in the leading global Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) index FTSE4Good Global Index.

FTSE4Good  is  a  stock  price  index  provided  by  FTSE  Group,  a  wholly  owned subsidiary  of  London  Stock  Exchange  Group  plc.  As  one  of  the  leading  SRI indexes  in  the  world,  FTSE4Good  selects  companies  that  are  highly  rated  in terms of Environmental, Social  and Governance (ESG) practices as constituents for the index. As of December 2015, 176 Japanese listed Japanese companies had been selected for inclusion, and Seven & i Holdings is one of them.   

Seven  &  i  Holdings  aims  to  be  a  sincere  company  trusted  by  its  stakeholders.  The  Company  is  committed  to Corporate  Social  Responsibility (CSR) activities through its core  operations, targeting five  material issues  with  high relevance  to  its  business.  It  will  also  continue  to  promote  a  balanced,  CSR-focused  management  style  with  an emphasis on ESG.   

Five Material Issues at Seven & i Holdings
1. Providing social infrastructure for an aging society and declining population
2. Providing safety and reliability through products and stores
3. Non-wasteful usage of products, ingredients and energy
4. Supporting the active role of women, youth and seniors across the Group and in society
5. Building an ethical* society and improving resource sustainability together with customers and business partners
*Recently, “ethical” increasingly includes the meaning of environmental protection and social contribution.

Seven &iHoldings CSR Website: http://www.7andi.com/en/csr/index.html