OREANDA-NEWS. As representatives of several Chinese automakers, operating in Russia, informed the agency "AUTOSTAT", in 2016 the rise in prices for cars from China could be up to 20%.

Currently, imports and zero localization make Chinese cars too expensive for our market. So avoid the rise in prices for them this year will not be possible, as well as for all the others, say distributors.

Production of Chinese cars in Russia is almost stopped. Thus, the plant Derways in Cherkessk, which collaborates with several automakers from China, during 2015 assembled cars of such brands as: Lifan, Geely, Chery, Hawtai. But we are talking about tiny lots (some brands less than 10 units per year), with the exception of Lifan and Geely. Scope of supply of vehicle kits for 2016 was not disclosed by producers but it is obvious that they under a big question, in connection with the reference to the exchange rate.

Recall that the upcoming price increase was already announced by Chery Company.