OREANDA-NEWS. The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has renewed its strategic technology partnership with Deutsche Börse and extended its use of the Deutsche Börse trading infrastructure and related services. The new contract runs for 6 years until the end of 2021.

Brian Healy, Director, Traded Markets, Development, Operations at the ISE, said: “The ISE is delighted to extend its successful collaboration with Deutsche Börse for the use of its Xetra system and related services. Deutsche Börse is a leading exchange infrastructure provider globally and the logic for continuing our strategic partnership is stronger than ever. It enables us to continue delivering a world class electronic trading system to our equity markets. It also positions us to migrate to the next generation of the Deutsche Börse trading platform which will further develop trading capabilities, performance and capacity for our members.”

Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services, added: “We are delighted to expand our long standing and successful business relationship with the Irish Stock Exchange. By extending this agreement, the ISE has emphasised its trust in the high quality and reliability of our trading system. Participants at the ISE will continue to benefit from our state-of-the-art trading technology and from all the measures we take to further develop and increase the effectiveness of the system. At the same time, our customers benefit from easy access to the Irish market.”

Deutsche Börse has provided the Xetra platform to the Irish Stock Exchange since June 2000. Several other stock exchanges in Europe and globally also use Deutsche Börse’s trading infrastructure. Cash market trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange has been based on the Xetra system since 1999, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in 2008, the Malta Stock Exchange in 2012 and the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange in 2013. Deutsche Börse’s bond market Eurex Bonds also uses Xetra technology, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange based its own New Generation Trading System on Xetra technology.

Xetra® is a registered trademark of Deutsche Börse AG.

About Deutsche Börse – Market Data + Services

Deutsche Börse is one of the world’s leading data and technology service providers for the securities industry with a product and service offering for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group covers the entire value chain from trading, through clearing, to settlement and securities custody. Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services is part of the Group's IT & Operations, Data & New Asset Classes division and encompasses its extensive market data offering and external technology and connectivity services. The product and service range includes real-time and historical data from the Group's trading venues Eurex and Xetra as well as from cooperation partners. It also includes exclusive trading signals independent of its platforms such as economic indicators or macroeconomic news, reference data for more than 1,000,000 securities, more than 11,000 indices including the STOXX and DAX index families, superior capital market infrastructure, and reliable connectivity services.

About Irish Stock Exchange

The Irish Stock Exchange operates three equity markets – the Main Securities Market, the Enterprise Securities Market and the Atlantic Securities Market – where companies can raise capital from international investors and are enabled by a world class trading infrastructure, complementary listing regimes and a diverse trading membership network. The leading exchange globally in the listing of bonds and investment funds, the ISE has over 34,000 securities issued by 4,000 organisations from 80 countries on its markets. The ISE also provides trading in Irish government securities, distributes data and announcements and provides LEI and ISIN code services.