OREANDA-NEWS. The British Red Cross and Aviva, the international insurance group, have today (15 February), launched a three year partnership to help communities around the world prepare for and respond to disasters.  Together, the organisations will aim to ensure communities are better informed, prepared, and therefore more resilient when the next disaster strikes.

Last year the Red Cross and Aviva announced Aviva’ s support of the charity’s free emergency app, which provides real time alerts and advice if there is a risk of severe weather or other emergencies.

Aviva, which has more than 29,000 employees in 16 markets across the UK, Europe, Canada and Asia, aims to share with the Red Cross its expertise in risk management and raise funds over the next three years. The support and money raised by Aviva will help the Red Cross to continue to build stronger and safer communities.

Aviva Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Kirsty Cooper said,
“This partnership is very much in keeping with our values of “care more” and “create legacy”. We are there when disaster strikes and Aviva and the Red Cross are both committed to helping people prepare for and cope with emergencies. Together, we will help communities become more resilient, safer and stronger in times of uncertainty and crisis.”

As a member of the Disaster Relief Alliance, Aviva will help fund investment in four key areas of Red Cross work globally and in the UK: Preparedness, response, recovery, and innovation.

The Red Cross responds to hundreds of emergencies every year, most of which do not make headlines or receive public support, yet all are equally devastating to those affected. Red Cross teams are often already working in vulnerable areas prior to a disaster occurring, carrying out resilience and preparedness work to ensure that when disaster strikes the damage is minimised. The Disaster Relief Alliance will ensure more funds are available to continue this work, as well as the long-term reconstruction recovery programmes.

As part of the partnership, Aviva employees around the world will have the chance to donate funds during large scale emergencies. Aviva will also be matching employee donations during the partnership.

British Red Cross Director of Fundraising, Mark Astarita said, “We are thrilled to be launching a partnership with Aviva. We are looking forward to combining our expertise and resources to have a long term impact on the lives of thousands of vulnerable communities. These vital funds will also us to continue helping people prepare and respond to disaster, adapt to climate change and anticipate the issues they face today, before they become greater problems tomorrow.”