OREANDA-NEWS. February 17, 2016. In accordance with Finance and Capital Markets Commission decision no.41 from February 10, 2016 SIA AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP – the shareholder of AS Latvijas  balzams –  expresses voluntary share buyout offer of shares of AS Latvijas balzams.

Information about the offer:
1.    Target Company is AS Latvijas balzams, unified registration number: 40003031873, registered address: A.?aka iela 160, R?ga, LV-1012, Latvia, phone: +37167081213, e-mail: office@lb.lv, URL: www.lb.lv.
2.    Offerer is SIA AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP, unified registration number: 40103839550, registered address: A.?aka iela 160, R?ga, LV-1012, Latvia,  e-mail: office@amberbev.com, URL: www.amberbev.com.
As of the date of signing the Prospectus, the Offerer owns 6 746 460 (six million seven hundred fourty-six thousand four hundred sixty) shares or 89.99% of joint stock company Latvijas balzams shares with voting rights.
3.    Buyout price is EUR 9.00 per share.
4.    The offer is valid for 30 calendar days commencing on February 16, 2016 by March 16, 2016 inclusive.

Attached: Voluntary AS Latvijas balzams shares buy-out offer prospectus.

AS Latvijas balzams is the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltics with a rich traditions since 1900. The Company is part of Amber Beverage Group.

SIA Amber Beverage Group is the leading holding company in the Baltic alcoholic beverage industry, uniting various companies – the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the region, wholesale distribution companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, more than 60 specialist retail outlets in Latvia and Lithuania, and logistic operators across the Baltics. The Company is a part of SPI Group – leading international beverage business.