OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre summed up the vocational training of staff in 2015. 20,683 employees of the enterprise gained new knowledge and skills through various forms of education, 18,653 of them are representatives of industrial specialties.

166 employees received higher and secondary vocational education. 15,550 had their vocational training, including 9,691 employees - in the workplace, on the job. 717 people had their professional retraining in specialized educational institutions and training centres, 4,250 were trained in refresher courses.

The concept of training of IDGC of Centre’s staff involves continuous training of all categories of staff. The result of this approach is, in particular, the increase in the number of employees with higher education. Currently, there are 11,461 professionals with higher education working at the company, which amounts to 38% of the headcount. 1,039 employees have two or more diplomas of graduation, 42 are Candidates of Science, and 3 are Doctors of Science.