OREANDA-NEWS. UNIQLO today announces that it is increasing its 2016 AIRism innerwear range, which has taken the world by storm...by keeping people dry and comfortable anywhere, and in any kind of weather. The new items should find favor even in climes where wearing innerwear under regular clothing is not part of the local custom.

New to the men's range is a design that eliminates neck and cuff seams so that innerwear is both comfortable and barely noticeable. The women's line features the new Ultra Stretch series, whose fabric is stretchier and lighter for enhanced comfort. This season also sees the introduction of AIRism offerings for babies. For kids and babies, a new Mesh series offers superior breathability.

New for 2016 AIRism

Seamless men's items

On February 22, UNIQLO will introduce the Seamless AIRism range, which it developed in response to customer demand for innerwear that is more sheer and easier to put on. The design eliminates neck and cuff seams, making items unnoticeable under business shirts and other apparel while feeling great. The V-neckline is deeper and the sleeves shorter so the innerwear remains completely concealed under polo shirts and other open-necked items.

Ultra Stretch series for the women's range

Early March will see the launch of the Ultra Stretch line, which feels even smoother than regular AIRism, featuring a new stitching and fabric that is stretchier and also seamless, so it is gentler on the skin. The innerwear remains completely comfortable even while the wearer is moving around. Another thoughtful design touch is that the items are lengthened so they always remain tightly tucked in.

Mesh feature enhances fabric breathability for Kids and Baby items

The new Mesh series offers superior breathability because the very young perspire far more than adults, making it even more important to wick away moisture.
An Ongoing Evolution in Performance

Enhancing deodorizing properties and stretch to optimize comfort for men

AIRism fibers incorporate an anti-odor function to keep wearers fresh and comfortable even in the most humid conditions, continuing to deodorize even after countless washes. The shoulders are sewn to provide greater stretch and ease of movement for particularly active wearers.

Smoother on women's skin

The fabric is smoother to protect women's delicate skin, while outstanding breathability minimizes stickiness.