OREANDA-NEWS. February 17, 2016. At the 8th GoldenBee International Seminar on Chinese Businesses' Social Responsibility Reports, the Sinochem Group 2014 Sustainable Development Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report) emerged as a winner of the "GoldenBee 2015 Excellent CSR Report" award (or the GoldenBee Evergreen Award for short) from a total of 2,265 entries, after going through a lengthy assessment process involving such stages as preliminary assessment, formal assessment, expert examination, and the newly added stage of public assessment. It was the third time Sinochem Group had won the award.

The GoldenBee Evergreen Award is the highest honor any business could possibly win under the GoldenBee awards program, and is conferred on a business after it has won the GoldenBee Award, a lesser honor, for three consecutive years and when it wins the lesser award for the 4th time. The GoldenBee Evergreen Award indicates the highest level of achievement among all social responsibility reports delivered for the past year, and the program sponsor will recommend winners of the award to the general public as examples for businesses to follow when drawing up social responsibility plans.

As the committee tasked with the selection of GoldenBee Award winners commented when asked to discuss its decision to give the GoldenBee Evergreen Award to Sinochem Group, the Report submitted by Sinochem Group was rated an excellent report that fully embodied the company's characteristics because it was logically sound and full of performance data and gave an enjoyable, pleasant experience by adding a cover story, comments from all parties concerned, small stories, and other things to itself.