OREANDA-NEWS. More than 200,000 Sberbank clients have made use of the bank's new service offering - the "Gold" services package.

The package allows clients to obtain up to three Gold debit cards (account currency: RUB, USD, EUR) with contactless payment technology free of charge, a travel insurance programme and access to the "Concierge" service. These benefits apply to the cardholder as well as the members of their family.

"We released the 'Gold' services package four months ago. Its popularity is a testament to the demand for package offerings: more and more clients see the bank as a reliable partner that offers not only advantageous banking products, but also comprehensive service, and cares about their families," commented Natalia Alymova, Director of Sberbank of Russia's Non-Transaction Retail Product Department.

"It is important for us to not just provide a product or service to a client. We want to offer a modern instrument that satisfies their needs and helps us build a long-term relationship with them. Following the launch of the 'Gold' package we have seen considerable growth in the number of gold debit cards issued. There are now more than 2 million of these cards, which demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction," commented Rostislav Yanykin, Director of the Bank Cards and Cash Services Department at Sberbank.

You can sign up to the "Gold" services package in any Sberbank branch. The first two months are free of charge for all clients. After this period, service is free if the client maintains an account balance of at least 500,000 roubles.