OREANDA-NEWS. Inter RAO Group Announced Operating Results for Full Year 2015.

The following major factors affected the key performance indicators of the Generation segment:
* Retirement of 362 MW of low-efficiency legacy power generation equipment in Russia
* Launch of 225 MW Unit No. 9 at Cherepetskaya TPP, and rehabilitation of Turbine Generator No. 2 at Omskaya TPP-5 resulting in the increase of its installed capacity to 100 MW
* Several capacity enhancement projects resulting in a 69.2 MW increase in the installed capacity of high-efficiency power generation units
Installed power generation capacity of the power plants of Inter RAO Group reduced by 70 MW in 2015. This change reflects the accelerated retirement of legacy low-efficiency equipment relative to the addition of new and rehabilitated power generation units.

In particular, retired 176 MW at Verkhnetagilskaya TPP, 100 MW at Yuzhnouralskaya TPP, 36 MW across our power plants in Bashkortostan, and 50 MW at Omskaya TPP-4. INTER RAO have also reduced the installed capacity of the first power generation unit at Dzhubginskaya TPP by 2.7 MW to reduce start-up costs.

At the same time, we added 294.2 MW of new and rehabilitated capacity:
* INTER RAO launched the 225 MW Unit No. 9 at Cherepetskaya TPP under the CDA program, and completed the rehabilitation of Turbine Generator No. 2 at Omskaya TPP-5 adding 20 MW to its capacity
* The relabeling of power generation equipment resulted in 25 MW capacity increase at Kaliningradskaya TPP-2; 14.4 MW increase at Urengoyskaya TPP; and 9.8 MW increase at Yuzhnouralskaya TPP-2.
Our installed heat production capacity reduced in 2015 by 492.2 Gcal/hour, mostly for the same reasons.

Russian power generation assets of Inter RAO Group reduced power generation due to longer repairs in summer 2015 compared to summer 2014, and also due to optimized utilization of unprofitable and low-margin equipment during low price periods at the Next-Day Market.