OREANDA-NEWS. A meeting of the permanent committee on labor safety of PJSC TATNEFT, structural divisions and management companies was held at PJSC TATNEFT where   the results of work in 2015 and the guidelines of  organizational and technical work on industrial and fire safety, occupational safety, production control, prevention of occupational injuries and accidents were considered.

The annual forum was attended by representatives of regulatory bodies – the Volga Brach of Rostekhnadzor,  State Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Tatarstan,   Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Tatarstan,   Volga Interregional Territorial Administration for supervision of nuclear and radiation safety, and others.

The main report on the results of the Company’s operations in the area of the industrial and fire safety of the Company, labor protection in 2015 and guidelines of organizational and technical work on the prevention of occupational injuries and accidents in 2016 was presented to the audience by Nail Ibragimov, first Deputy General Director for Production - Chief Engineer of PJSC TATNEFT.

"Program for improving the power system reliability of PJSC TATNEFT for the period 2006-2020” is being implemented at the Company to ensure trouble-free and safe operation of the power supply system. As part of the program implementation they have now completed replacement of valve arresters for protection against lightning and switching surges on surge arresters: 6,10,35,110 kV; electromechanical protection and automation devices have been  replaced by microprocessor based ones.

The structural divisions of TATNEFT spent more than 165 million rubles on improving the fire protection of the facilities.

According to Nail Ibragimov implementation of the ecological safety program in 2015 provided for installation of cathodic protection at 1,007 wells, while the electrochemical corrosion protection systems to ensure protection against the groundwater corrosion were provided for 465 km of pipelines of the oil gathering systems; there were 849 km of corrosion-resistant pipes manufactured; there were about 5500 tons  of inhibitors used for protection against internal corrosion with anti-corrosion coatings and cathodic protection provided for the inner surface of  195 tanks.

The industrial and sanitary laboratory of "Tatneftegazpererabotka" Administration performed more than 15,000 tests of air samples. The chemical and analytical laboratory of the Reservoir Pressure Maintenance OOO "UPTZH dlya PPD" carried out more than 10,500 tests of water samples. The content of chlorides and oil products in the main rivers of the Republic’s oil-producing region is steadily maintained within the established limits.

The Company implemented the "PJSC TATNEFT’s Program in the field of industrial safety and labor protection for 2013-2015", which disbursed 1.6 billion rubles. A similar program is being elaborated for the period of 2016-2018.

To achieve compliance with the standard requirements in the field of industrial safety and labor protection the Company carries out rating assessment of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Oil and Gas Producing Divisions using 13 objective indicators with the resulting information placed in the automated information system "Production control of industrial safety and labor protection". This ensures transparency and objectivity of the evaluation.

The plans of 2016, as the Company’s Chief Engineer explained, envisage introduction of the contractual responsibility for violating the requirements to improve the elements of the industrial safety and labor protection management system. It is also planned to implement transparent procedures for acceptance of the works carried out by contractors with regard to quality, safety, the state of the facility and territory. The activities will be continued to get an increase in the level of professional knowledge and skills based on modern teaching methods, etc..

"Drafting and implementation of a production risk management system at the enterprises of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Petrochemical Complex” project will be further developed to enhance the safety culture in the production processes.

Thematic reports and presentations, supplementing the main report, were also presented to the meeting.

At the conclusion of the event the employees of the TATNEFT Group of Companies were awarded for the results of work in the area of industrial safety and labor protection in 2015.