OREANDA-NEWS.  Shell Polska and LOTOS Paliwa have put the finishing touches on a deal that will see cross-acceptance of euroShell and LOTOS Biznes car fleet cards at LOTOS and Shell Polska service stations. This move effectively doubles the number of Shell and LOTOS service stations accepting cashless payments for fuel, in-store purchases and car washes. Starting February 16th 2016, euroShell cards will be accepted at 900 service stations throughout Poland. Both companies are also getting ready to bring LOTOS Biznes cards to Shell’s Polish network in the coming months.

This partnership spells good news for car fleet owners and professional drivers. euroShell and LOTOS Biznes cards will allow holders to conveniently and safely pay for main transport-related expenses at strategically located service stations throughout Poland. The deal marks the first-ever case of networking in the fuel industry.

Under the agreement signed with LOTOS Paliwa, nearly 480 LOTOS-branded service stations will accept euroShell cards to make cashless payments for all types of fuels, car accessories, car care and maintenance products as well as tolls for all Polish motorways and paid roads. The newly expanded chain of points of sale will serve holders of euroShell Multi cards (bearing the ‘M’ symbol on the face side) issued by Shell Polska.

“The expanded reach and number of stations accepting euroShell cards perfectly complements our comprehensive offering and represents yet another step towards consolidating our strong position on the Polish market. Wherever our customers drive, through a city or across Poland,  no road is the wrong road with the euroShell card in hand.”, said Monika Przybysz, Director of Fuel Card Sales for Poland, the Ukraine and Baltic States.

“This agreement enables us to boost our fuel sales and euroShell holders are sure to appreciate the fact that LOTOS operates as many as 18 stations located in Motorway Service Areas at the A1, A2, A4, A6 motorways, and the S3 and S7 expressways.”, said Krzysztof Strzelec, Director of Retail Sales at LOTOS Paliwa. On top of high-quality fuels produced in the Gdańsk refinery, our partner’s fleet customers may also expect a wide variety of services.

Safety first

All advanced solutions guaranteeing payment safety that come with euroShell cards are also supported on LOTOS service stations. The high security standards and safety procedures as well as the transaction monitoring system have been standardized across the entire euroShell acceptance network. This guarantees end-to-end supervision over the payment process, from refuelling to monthly invoicing.

Fuel cards and more

euroShell fuels cards facilitate cashless refuelling, purchases on service stations,   payments towards such systems as viaTOLL, tolls for the A1, A2 and A4 motorways as well as tunnels and bridges. Another great feature of the card is the hassle-free VAT reclaim procedure on transactions made abroad. euroShell guarantees 24/7 access to roadside assistance in 40 countries across Europe. The card is a proven and effective tool, now available at over 900 service stations throughout Poland.

LOTOS Biznes cashless car fleet cards, dedicated to businesses, package modern, convenient and safe solutions for purchases of fuel, goods and services at service stations. They also support payments for ancillary services such as ViaToll road and motorway toll charges. The benefits associated with joining LOTOS Biznes include: attractive fuel discounts, convenient invoicing, a nationwide acceptance network, transaction monitoring and a flexible offering.

Shell Polska

Shell has operated in Poland since 1992. Their operations comprise the Retail business line managing Shell service stations and stores, overall 400 facilities nationwide offering a full gamut of services from sales of fuels through car washes and refreshment facilities, euroShell fuel cards, oils and lubricants, and the Shell ClubSmart loyalty programme. As of the beginning of 2013, the Shell Aviation business line has also entered the rapidly expanding Polish aviation market.  Shell Business Operations, started in 2006 and based in Zabierzów near Kraków, is one of the largest business service centres in Poland.

LOTOS Paliwa

Established in 1996, LOTOS Paliwa is one of more than a dozen companies of the LOTOS Group, which operates in the upstream and downstream segments. The core business of LOTOS Paliwa is the management and development of a nationwide service station network, as well as retail sale and wholesale of motor gasolines and diesel oil. The company also operates the LOTOS Biznes fleet-card programme for businesses and institutions with fleets of passenger cars, delivery trucks and other vehicles.