OREANDA-NEWS. February 19, 2016. Paul Roehrig says judging the development of the VR (virtual reality) technology now would leave most people to conclude that VR will have little or no impact. Yet change is in the air, backed in no small part by Roehrigs suggestion that total funding for VR by investors is now as high as \\$3bn to \\$3.5bn a year.

For most traditional industries, it is not yet time to make bet-your-brand investments in VR, but using technology to enhance experience and performance is one of the key value drivers of the digital age. Savvy leaders should begin piloting business processes where knowledge in context could have a big impact, says Roehrig.

When augmented reality connects with the Internet of Things, and can be seen and acted on by workers, entirely new businesses and jobs will rise. Just imagine what highly focused knowledge in context could mean for a surgeon confronting an unknown situation, a police officer searching for a criminal or a teacher providing individualized instructions, he says.