OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2016. Prime Minister Pavel Filip had today a meeting with Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Eduard Grama, the director of the bread-making stock company Franzeluta, Boris Andros, as well as with the director of the stock company Floarea Soarelui (Sunflower) from Balti, Stela Ostrovetchi.     

The meeting is part of a string of consultations, initiated by the prime minister, with decision-makers from Moldovan goods and services markets.  

The government’s effort is aimed at finding the best solutions to back the economy and overcome the economic crisis, without costs for the residents, as well as the state and private companies. An important component of interest regards the essential products for residents.  

“It is important that we draw attention to the essential products, the biggest problems the producers are facing and where the cabinet might get involved. We are ready to help the producers settle problems; yet, the producers, on this complicated period, must also optimize their spending, should not have superprofit, ensuring the prices’ optimisation.” the prime minister said.  

Pavel Filip offered the government’s full openness for settling the problems faced by the aforementioned two producers. For his part, the PM demanded solidarity of the companies represented at the meeting with the present purchasing power of the citizens.  

At the meeting, the director of Franzeluta stock company said there was possibility to introduce the social bread just starting from the next week, at a more accessible price and at a better quality. Yet, the government’s support is needed on a string of punctual issues.

In this context, Boris Andros asked for support on behalf of the prime minister to de-block the Polish loan, as well as for access to a quantity of wheat from the state’s reserve, in form of loan, with the return of the goods from the new harvest.   

The prime minister confirmed that the government had capacity to provide support on the abovementioned problems. Pavel Filip also said that, as for the Polish credit, this subject would be introduced on the government’s agenda just today and the needed measures would be taken.

“We are all partners in this process of overcoming the crisis and we try to be reasonable and efficient. I thank you very much and we will fulfil all the assumed promises to help you produce this social bread”,  said Pavel Filip.

As for the production of vegetable oil, Pavel Filip also said the cabinet wanted to meet the needs of the big producers.

In this context, the director of the Floarea Soarelui stock company said the industry was facing the problem of raw material, exported in big quantities. At the same time, a deeper support of the government for producers might generate a real decrease in the vegetable oil price. Stela Ostrovetchi also said she would analyse this possibility in the near future.  

“I appreciate the openness you have proved. We will continue these meetings with all branches, in order to find a balance, so that the enterprises work in convenient conditions, the state gains the taxes and the citizens have access to qualitative goods,” added Pavel Filip.