OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre continues performing claim-related work to collect receivables for electricity transmission services. As of February 1, according to the forecast data, its size is 22.3 billion rubles. The bulk of the debt, 19.4 billion rubles (87%), is on the part of electricity suppliers of last resort in regions. The largest debtor among the existing suppliers of last resort is JSC "Atomenergosbyt" (a subsidiary under the control of the State Corporation "Rosatom" CJSC "Rosenergoatom Concern").

Since the spring of 2014 the company has been operating as a supplier of last resort in three regions of the service area of IDGC of Centre: the Kursk, Smolensk and Tver regions, and throughout this period its accounts receivable have had a steady growth. At the beginning of 2016 the share of JSC "Atomenergosbyt" in the total debt of working suppliers of last resort of IDGC of Centre was 33%, overdue accounts receivable - 2.6 billion rubles.

This situation jeopardizes the reliability of electricity supply, as IDGC of Centre uses proceeds for provision of services for delivery of electricity primarily towards financing the core production activities. In this regard, the company is making every effort to solve the debt problem, using all mechanisms provided for by the legislation in force for this purpose. Currently there are pending in the courts of different instances 138 claims filed by IDGC of Centre in respect of JSC "AtomEnergoSbyt", totalling 738.83 million rubles, where 573.6 million rubles are the debt to the branch "Tverenergo" and 159.33 million rubles – to the branch "Smolenskenergo". Since January 2016 IDGC of Centre has been forming the claims for non-payers, taking into account the provisions of Federal Law № 307-FZ toughening their responsibility. Only the size of fines, claimed from "Atomenergosbyt" to date, amounted to about 80 million rubles.

In turn, JSC "AtomEnergoSbyt" within the framework of the bankruptcy case of the former supplier of last resort in the Tver region, OJSC "Tverenergosbyt", is trying to challenge the transactions of the given company with IDGC of Centre on transfers of funds and offsets of counter claims in the amount of 2.246 billion rubles. Currently, the arbitration court of the first instance found invalid transactions totalling 500 million rubles, dismissed transactions in the amount of 789.129 million rubles. Applications on challenging transactions totalling 957.414 million rubles are pending trial.

Please, be reminded that earlier, in the framework of the same case JSC "AtomEnergoSbyt" withdrew its claim to include IDGC of Centre in the list of creditors of OJSC "Tverenergosbyt" totalling 4.3 billion rubles. Rejection of the cassation appeal of the company to the relevant legal acts was adopted on February 11 by the Federal Court of Arbitration of the North-West District, the proceedings were discontinued.

It should be noted that the official position of JSC "AtomEnergoSbyt" within the framework of the proceedings altered after the company’s management changed. At the same time there was a positive trend in the situation with receivables. To date, JSC "AtomEnergoSbyt" has repaid 3.0 billion rubles, including in January 2016 - 2.9 billion rubles, in February 2016 - 0.1 billion rubles, which is 72% of the total amount of its debt to IDGC of Centre at the beginning of 2016.

IDGC of Centre is going to continue working consistently to collect receivables. At the same time, the company remains open to a constructive dialogue regarding development of effective mechanisms for debt repayment in view of the current macroeconomic situation, and in some cases real financial capacity of its counterparties.